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Instantly find used auto parts prices and availability. Barger-Mattson Automotive Parts Recycling maintains a large volume of used parts for cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s in our computerized inventory system. Due to the high volume of parts that we process, many may be delayed in entry into our system. Please call one of our sales experts for the most up-to-date local & national auto parts search and pricing.

You may also choose to browse our partial parts inventory online... Keep in mind that some of our parts inventory may be delayed in entry into our system or we may have an alternative replacement solution. We encourage you to call us for the best parts prices and availability!

Sell a Wrecked, Salvage or Junk Car in Idaho


Searching for local wrecked, salvage or unwanted car buyers in Idaho? Want to get the best prices when you sell a salvage or junk car? Barger-Mattson buys all types of wrecked, salvage, junk or unwanted cars, trucks, vans and SUVs for parting out and recycling. We make it easy to sell a junk car in Twin Falls Idaho area!